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BLP recognizes outstanding candidates. Benita hired in-house attorneys nationally and internationally for many years in her role as Deputy General Counsel of Turner Broadcasting System and was also responsible for the hiring of outside counsel. She is experienced in the recruiting, interviewing, and evaluation of lawyers.

Furthermore, Benita’s breadth of experience practicing or supervising legal work in the areas of, among others, contracts and licensing, employment, media, copyright and trademark, general corporate and corporate compliance, and litigation give her the advantage of understanding the nature of the experience and the qualifications one seeks as an employer. Her experience practicing in both a local and national firm and helping to grow and manage a corporate legal department give BLP the unique ability to step into the shoes of both the firm and corporate employer.

From her in-house and legal recruiting experience, Benita knows how to recruit all levels of lawyers from junior attorneys and Business Affairs professionals to those more senior and part of management. For firms, Benita has recruited both associates and partners.


Benita brings to legal recruiting and placement the same professionalism and drive that served her well in her legal career. In order to give employers the top quality candidates they seek, BLP uses a combination of contacts and networking techniques, databases, referrals, and other means to ensure the most successful candidate search for a particular position.

More than thirty years of contacts help BLP succeed in the most challenging of searches. BLP thoroughly interviews all candidates and, when appropriate, conducts reference phone interviews prior to submission. Submissions of candidates are accompanied by cover memos setting forth the content of reference interviews as well as concise summaries of the candidates’ strengths and qualifications that may not be evident from a resume. For more senior candidates submissions include business plans and financial projections. BLP is willing to invest the time it takes to serve its clients professionally and successfully.

Litigation Associate
Atlanta, Georgia

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